Best of ANIMALS being JERKS

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Make a Gift to Pets of the Homeless

This Best of ANIMALS being JERKS video was made to promote animals charity compaign, please, donate some money and help homeless pets survive!


0.00 – funny cat drops down its owner’s smartphone
0.08 – dog decided to sit down on a cute kitty
0.18 – funny dog aka doge aka shiba inu troll human
0.21 – parrots are the biggest jerks in the world!
0.30 – little kitty won’t let a big cat sleep
0.38 – this doggo wanted a choclate cake for his birthday
0.49 – funny cat won’t let his human work
1.01 – funny cat fail its jump right into a girl
1.10 – bird jerk to dog
1.21 – funny dog doesn’t like it when you like someone who isn’t him
1.26 – cats and dogs fail
1.31 – parrors being jerks again
1.43 – bird steals my hat!!
1.47 – parrots. again.
2.12 – classic animals being jerks
2.19 – birds being jerks
2.34 – funny monkeys steal wheels
2.49 – raccoon being jerk
3.04 – birds vs dogs epic fight
3.19 – funny goats fails
3.45 – birds being jerks
4.01 – same thing
4:15 – i don’t like it, move it
4.24 – dogs being jerks
4.47 – cats being jerks


A lot of animals being jerks and animals jerks to people were watched and downloaded to make this Best of ANIMALS being JERKS 2017 funny compilation. A lot of funny fails were refuced to be used in this video and i hope you love this brand new funny animals jerks compilation!

Thanks for all.

source: Youtube

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