Boxer Briefs With Adjustable Pouch By Underwear For Men UFM

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Underwear That Fits YOU. The world’s first pair of underwear offering wearer-specific isolation, support, and comfort.

Patent-Pending Adjustable Underwear Designed To Fit YOU.

You’ve felt it: the heat, the sweating, the movement, the falling out, the bouncing around and especially the chaffing…. all because your underwear lacks isolation and support.

At Underwear For Men, we’ve challenged this, engineering a drawstring conduit adjustability system that can’t be seen from the outside, or felt from the inside. The capabilities of this adjustable pouch are “mind-blowing”.

Each pair of UFM underwear can be adjusted by the wearer until they receive a desired level of isolation, comfort, and support. Once you wear a pair of UFM underwear, you will never wear another brand or style of underwear again.

source: Youtube

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